Flight 2 Light 2022

Flight 2 Light is an education and outreach program highlighting the impacts of light pollution on wildlife and ecosystems, and what we can do to help.

Scientists are asking Australians to help save the dark for our wildlife. Nocturnal animals across the globe are impacted every night by light pollution. From baby turtles in Queensland to the Bogong moths in Victoria, night after night nocturnal animals are getting lost because of the excessive light spilling from our cities and towns.


We are very excited to be partnering with Girl Guides Australia for Flight 2 Light 2022. Bush Blitz strongly supports women in science, and we have been lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s leading female scientists. The Flight 2 Light night-time events will be held from 8-10pm in Canberra on 6 December, and Perth on 9 December, and will be open to Guides aged 10+. The events will involve education, fun activities and an opportunity to earn your Flight 2 Light badge!

DIY Flight 2 Light 

Not in Canberra or Perth? Not a Girl Guide? That’s okay! We have a DIY activity booklet so you can participate from anywhere and earn your Flight 2 Light badge. DIY Flight 2 Light is for everybody!

Call to Action

How can you help reduce light pollution and the impact it has on wildlife?

Could you look at your lights at home and make a change? Could you help educate others about the impacts of light pollution?

Let us know what you do!

Flight 2 Light booklet 2022

ACT Guides event invitation

WA Guides event invitation

DIY Flight 2 Light Booklet