Indigenous Australians

As well as working with Traditional Owners and Indigenous land managers, Bush Blitz creates opportunities to connect with other Indigenous Australians living near expedition sites.

Good engagement with Indigenous Australians and benefit sharing are important to us. The exchange between Indigenous Australians and scientists enriches the program and provides opportunities for Indigenous employment, skills transfer, knowledge sharing and an increase in cultural awareness for everyone involved.

Bush Blitz expeditions can also be the start of beneficial relationships between Indigenous Australians and other organisations. We usually organise a community day or visit a local school and, during these events, land managers and scientists often have an opportunity to engage with the community in ways they hadn’t before.

A land manager and scientists engaging with an Indigenous community
Katie Oxenham (IPA Coordinator & Ecologist) joined the Bush Blitz team, scientists and TeachLive teachers in engaging with school children and their families during the Groote Eylandt Bush Blitz.
Dr Susan Wright from Queensland Museum shows her pinned insect specimens to students during the Quinkan Bush Blitz.
WA Museum herpetologist working with a First Nations Elder during the Kiwirrkurra Bush Blitz WA


Bush Blitz working with Olkola Indigenous land managers (Queensland) – video

Bush Blitz – Working with the Nyaliga people of the Kimberley (Western Australia) – video