Participating institutions

Over the years, Bush Blitz expeditions have involved numerous participating organisations, including museums, herbaria, universities, government agencies and private businesses.



Participating institutions:

Australian Museum

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Australian National Herbarium

Australian National Insect Collection (CSIRO)

Australian National University

Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research

Charles Darwin University


George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

Indigenous Land Council

James Cook University

Keiran McNamara Conservation Science Centre

Monash University

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Museum Victoria

National Herbarium of Victoria

New South Wales Department of Environment and Climate Change

New South Wales Department of Industry and Investment

New South Wales Herbarium

Northern Territory Herbarium

Northern Territory Department of Land Resource Management

Queensland Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Queensland Herbarium

Queensland Museum

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens

South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

South Australian Museum

State Herbarium of South Australia

Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

Tasmanian Herbarium

Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Tasmanian Land Council

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre

University of Adelaide

University of New England

University of New South Wales

University of Tasmania

Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife

Western Australian Herbarium

Western Australian Museum

Zoologische Staatssammlung München


Consultancies and other private businesses that have participated in Bush Blitz expeditions include:


Biodiversity Assessment and Management Pty Ltd

EcOz Environmental Services

Joan Powling Consulting

Phoenix Environmental Science


Territory Wildlife Park