Wilinggin–West Kimberley expedition

A successful Bush Blitz expedition, held from 18 to 28 July 2022, investigated what lives in a remote part of Western Australia, approximately 500 km east of Broome. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Wilinggin Country, the Ngarinyin People, who gave the team a Welcome to Country, and thank the managers of the 3 properties […]

Stony Head, Tasmania 2021

Stony Head, Tasmania 2021: Bush Blitz expedition report summarises the initial scientific findings of the Bush Blitz expedition that took place from 15 to 24 March 2021. At least 2,341 species were recorded during the expedition and 45 of those may be completely new to science (4 moths, 1 beetle, 9 true bugs, 2 planthoppers,  […]

Bush Blitz badge

Bush Blitz is running a nature challenge that encourages young people to record the plants and animals in their local area. Scouts and Girl Guides who complete at least one of the 3 Bush Blitz challenges, will earn the badge for addition to their camp blanket. The challenges use iNaturalist (an easy to use online […]

Rugged, remote Rungulla

The latest Bush Blitz species discovery expedition is taking place in Rungulla National Park, spectacular rugged country, 500 km southwest of Cairns. Rungulla (pronounced Roong-ala) National Park is on Ewamian (pronounced Oor-a-min) Country and is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. We are working with Ewamian cultural representatives, park rangers and scientists to […]