Live stream between your class and marine scientists

Join the research vessel Investigator 10 July – 10 August 2021   What does studying the deep ocean have in common with outer space? What are seamounts and who lives there? What is a day like in the life of a marine biologist?   Our team is spending 45 days on RV Investigator studying the […]

A citizen science project to save the night In February 2021, Bush Blitz partnered with the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance┬áto raise awareness of the impacts of light pollution on the night time environment. The Flight2Light event aimed to educate Australians about light pollution, the impact it has on wildlife, and the simple ways they can […]

Protected areas of the ACT 2018

Protected areas of the ACT 2018┬ásummarises the initial scientific findings of the Bush Blitz expedition that took place from 26 November to 6 December 2018. At least 978 species were recorded during the Bush Blitz and 22 of those may be completely new to science (4 wasps, 3 flies, 2 treehoppers, 12 jumping plant lice […]