Cape Range, Western Australia 2019

Cape Range, Western Australia 2019: Bush Blitz expedition report summarises the initial scientific findings of the Bush Blitz expedition that took place from 17 to 27 June 2019. At least 769 species were recorded during the Bush Blitz and 46 of those may be completely new to science (3 marine fishes, 2 moths, 24 true […]

Bush Blitz badge

Bush Blitz is launching a nature challenge that encourages young people involved with the Scout and Girl Guide movements to record the plants and animals in their local area. Scouts and Guides who complete at least one of the three Bush Blitz challenges, will earn the badge for addition to their camp blanket.  The challenges […]

Science Week Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate National Science Week 2021, Bush Blitz is running a Backyard Species Discovery Scavenger Hunt! This scavenger hunt is open to anyone in Australia and will run for the month of August 2021. If you’re in lockdown you can still enter but remember to follow your lockdown rules. We know it will be harder […]