Citizen science and educational resources



Backyard Species Discovery project (for absolutely everyone)

Bush Blitz badge (for Scouts and Girl Guides)


Collecting insects – How to make a ‘pooter’ or aspirator

Native bees

Native bees – How to make a bee hotel

Native bees – Kids activity sheet

Birding guides & apps

Deep Sea critters factsheet (from species found on the Investigating the Indian Oceans Territory Voyage 2021)

New lichens of Tasmania 2021


Australian Biological Resources Study – Homepage of the ABRS, which coordinates the Bush Blitz program

More than 200 new species discovered by CSIRO – ABC News article posted 27 June 2018

Why name a species at all? – ABC News article posted 17 August 2016

Scientific names – Why scientists give species names that are so difficult to say

How a new parasite species gets named – Meet ABRS Fauna Taxonomist Dr Haylee Weaver

What does a taxonomist do? – Dr Haylee Weaver on being a taxonomist

Why entomology is Pokemon IRL – Buzzfeed article by BrytheFlyGuy

Decadal plan for taxonomy and biosystematics in Australia and New Zealand 2018-2027 – Australian Museum’s app that helps you identify and count Australia’s frogs – Atlas of Living Australia provides online information about Australia’s amazing biodiversity

Pokemon key activity – Make your own Pokemon key activity

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