Collecting insects – How to make a ‘pooter’ or aspirator

Native bees

Native bees – How to make a bee hotel

Native bees – Kids activity sheet

Birding guides & apps


Australian Biological Resources Study – Homepage of the ABRS, which coordinates the Bush Blitz program

More than 200 new species discovered by CSIRO – ABC News article posted 27 June 2018

Why name a species at all? – ABC News article posted 17 August 2016

Scientific names – Why scientists give species names that are so difficult to say

How a new parasite species gets named – Meet ABRS Fauna Taxonomist Dr Haylee Weaver

What does a taxonomist do? – Dr Haylee Weaver on being a taxonomist

Why entomology is Pokemon IRL – Buzzfeed article by BrytheFlyGuy

Decadal plan for taxonomy and biosystematics in Australia and New Zealand 2018-2027 – Australian Museum’s app that helps you identify and count Australia’s frogs – Atlas of Living Australia provides online information about Australia’s amazing biodiversity

Pokemon key activity – Make your own Pokemon key activity

Pokemon banner, Pokemon game making instructions, Pokemon Game instructions, Animal Pokemon key, Plant Pokemon key


Bush Blitz Indigenous Engagement Protocol

Bush Blitz vouchering policy

Collecting specimens for Bush Blitz (plain English)

Bush Blitz procedures – Information for land managers

Bush Blitz Point data name formats


Bush Blitz Symposium 2013 – Footage of the presentations