Tjiwarl Country, Western Australia 2023

Tjiwarl Country, Western Australia 2023: Bush Blitz expedition report summarises the initial scientific findings of a Bush Blitz expedition to the northern goldfields region of Western Australia. Between 28 August and 8 September 2023, the expedition team recorded at least 602 species, including 65 species that may be completely new to western science (10 bees, 4 wasps, 39 true bugs, 5 spiders, 1 pseudoscorpion, 3 crustaceans, 2 molluscs and 1 plant). Two conservation-listed plants, 4 weeds and one pest insect were also recorded.

Bush Blitz expedition report [PDF – 4 MB]

This expedition was a successful team effort by researchers from various institutions, the First Nations people of Tjiwarl Country, land managers and ranger groups.

The expedition report includes data from reports provided by the scientists who took part in the expedition. The full scientific reports are available here for those who require more detailed information:

Vertebrates [PDF – 1.6 MB]

Native bees and stygofauna [PDF – 440 KB]

Wasps [PDF – 972 KB]

True bugs [PDF – 460 KB]

Arachnids and myriapods [PDF – 1.7 MB]

Molluscs [PDF – 1.5 MB]

Plants [PDF – 1.5 MB]