Backyard Species Discovery Weekly Challenge

In the lead up to National Science Week we are setting 10 weekly challenges to support our Backyard Species Discovery virtual Bush Blitz. Each Wednesday, starting June 10, a new challenge will be posted here as well as on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. The challenge will be open for 1 week and the […]

Blitzing Little Desert National Park

Preliminary results from the Little Desert Bush Blitz are very exciting. The spider team were particularly successful, finding a diverse array of eight-legged specimens from large wolf spiders to tiny peacock spiders. They are confident of at least 4 putative new species including a jumping spider that looks like a humbug lolly, a peacock spider […]

The Little Desert Bush Blitz is preparing for some big finds

It’s day one on the Little Desert Bush Blitz in western Victoria! Scientists from Museums Victoria, Melbourne Herbarium, Queensland Museum and the University of NSW are being briefed before they head into the field to begin their first day of collection. They will set up standard pitfall traps to collect reptiles and amphibians, mini pitfall […]

Cape Range WA Bush Blitz June 2019

From 17-28 June 2019 we’re holding a Bush Blitz in the North West Cape region of Western Australia near Exmouth, focussing on Cape Range National Park. The North West Cape peninsula is floristically rich for an arid limestone environment and supports populations of flora from temperate, arid and tropical areas. Habitats for fauna include mangroves, […]