Velvet ants

Juanita Rodriguez (Australian National Insect Collection) is one of the entomologists on the ACT Bush Blitz.

Field lab: Learn how to recognise a velvet ant, about the evolution of warning coloration in Australian velvet ants, and how to collect and preserve them to study their DNA. Juanita will be in the field lab between 11am and 12pm.

Fieldwork: Learn how to collect and preserve velvet ants to study the evolution of their warning coloration patterns. We will collect females from the ground (with forceps) and males in flight or visiting flowers (with an insect net). The walk, which will depart at 1pm and last approx. one hour, is for people 18 years and over. Places are limited and bookings (essential) will be taken from 10am on the day.

Australian velvet ants found in the Black Mountain area © CSIRO