Little Desert, Victoria 2019

Little Desert, Victoria 2019: Bush Blitz expedition report summarises the initial scientific findings of the Bush Blitz expedition that took place from 21 October to 1 November 2019. At least 905 species were recorded during the Bush Blitz and 17 of those may be completely new to science (2 bees, 1 moth, 8 true bugs and 6 spiders). Three threatened vertebrates, 27 threatened plants, 19 introduced/pest animal species and 41 weeds were also recorded.

Bush Blitz report-Little Desert VIC 2019 [PDF – 2.34 MB]

The expedition report includes data from reports provided by the scientists who took part in the expedition. The full scientific reports are available here for those who require more detailed information:

Fungi, mosses, liverworts and vascular plants [PDF – 388 KB]

Heteroptera [PDF – 233 KB]

Moths [PDF – 353 KB]

Native Australian bees [PDF – 1.73 MB]

Odonata [PDF – 619 KB]

Reptiles and amphibians [PDF – 862 KB]

Spiders [PDF – 2.69 MB]

Terrestrial and freshwater snails [PDF – 423 KB]

Terrestrial invertebrates [PDF – 2.04 MB]