Name a new species

Name a new species!

We asked Australians to help us name a new species of spider discovered by Bush Blitz scientists on an expedition to the Quinkan Country of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula in 2017. Discovered on a hilltop just outside the town of Laura, he was instantly recognised as a new species of jumping spider.

Thanks to the thousands of Australians who entered our Bush Blitz spider-naming competition. Our judging panel has now gone through the huge number of entries and selected the top two names. The final decision is up to you. Which is your favourite – “Jumping Fortini”, in honour of WA teacher and microbiologist Dr Ellen Fortini, or “Ginger Meggs”, after the main character in Australia’s most popular and longest-running comic strip? Submit your vote by including your favourite of the two names in a comment on our Instagram post or in a message via our contact form. Voting closes at midnight on 1 June 2018 and the winning name will be announced soon after.