Blitzing the Great Victoria Desert

The Bush Blitz team are out on one of the most remote expeditions we have ever undertaken, in the heart of the Great Victoria Desert. The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia and covers a vast area of 348,750 square kilometres. Its pristine, arid wilderness includes red sand dunes, stony plains and dry […]

Fishy business at Bradshaw

The first question nearly everyone asks, after hearing about the electrofishing technique used in the collection of freshwater fish specimens on the Bradshaw Bush Blitz, is whether or not it was used for catching any barramundi. Well yes, a couple of impressively sized barra were stunned. According to one of the Bush Blitz Teachlive teachers […]

Bush Blitz visits Timber Creek School

Bush Blitz scientists got to share their enthusiasm about the plants and animals of the Victoria River region last week with the students of Timber Creek and Bulla Camp Schools. It was a fantastic opportunity for the kids to meet real life scientists and discover that they are just like everyone else; women and men, […]

Get hip to herps

Before I arrived at the Bradshaw Bush Blitz, I sort of guessed that the Victoria River region of the Northern Territory would be a herpetologist’s paradise. Some of its most famous residents are saltwater crocodiles, olive pythons, frill neck lizards and green tree frogs. And now the in-field experience is confirming my assumptions! Herpetology is […]

Awe-inspiring invertebrates

Over 95% of all animals on the earth are invertebrates of one form or another, so it’s not surprising that we are finding plenty of fascinating invertebrates in this remote corner of the Northern Territory, just north-west of Timber Creek. Here on the Bradshaw Bush Blitz the tarantulas are the invertebrate pop stars. Even the […]