Coral Sea Clean-up and Bio-discovery Voyage

A member of the Bush Blitz team, two science teachers, eight scientists and a photographer are joining rangers from the Parks Australia Commonwealth Marine Reserve team, CSIRO scientists and NGOs in a 12-day voyage of discovery to the Coral Sea, 400km off the coast of Queensland. During the voyage participants will collect and study floating […]

Rare marsupial mole found at Kiwirrkurra

The recent discovery and filming of a western marsupial mole (Notoryctes caurinus) by Indigenous rangers near Kiwirrkurra has garnered a lot of media attention. The marsupial mole, which is restricted to the deserts of central and western Australia, is almost never seen, and even less often captured on camera. It spends most of its time underground, and […]

Spiders from Kiwirrkurra

Dr Barbara Baehr’s results have come through from the Kiwirrkurra Bush Blitz. A memory: Barbara bustles into the little demountable building that was our office at Kiwirrkurra. It is mid-morning, and she has returned from her first day checking the spider pitfall traps. Underneath her broad-brimmed hat her face is ruddy, radiant, glowing with happiness. […]

Bush Blitz dives deep

From the deserts of central Australia to the wet topics of the top end right down to the alpine areas of Tasmanian Bush Blitz scientists have discovered new species and made thousands of new records. Surveying some of the remotest places in Australia isn’t always easy so 4WDs and helicopters are the usual way these scientists get to work each day. But […]