Frequently Asked Questions for ‘floating classroom’ teachers

  • Who will show our class around the CSIRO RV Investigator? Kate Cranney – the Bush Blitz educator and communicator on board, will show your class around the ship and the laboratories where the deep sea species are sorted.
  • How will I connect to the live stream? Kate will send you a virtual meeting link. Please join 10 minutes before the live stream official begins.
  • Can I get several classes to use the one log-in? Please avoid this: our internet onboard cannot handle it. The connection is strongest when it’s one-to-one: the ship to one classroom. But we do encourage classes to join together in one room, gym or hall with a large screen.
  • Will the students be able to ask questions? Yes! In case the connection is bad and Kate can’t hear you, please have three or so questions already prepared, and send them to her before the live cross.
  • What will we see? Kate we will find the most exciting thing happening on the boat at the time of the live stream.
  • What does it cost? This opportunity is free.
  • What happens after the live stream? We really encourage you to follow the rest of the journey by keeping an eye on the new photos and films on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Squat lobster. Source: Museums Victoria, photographer: Robert French