Bradshaw Field Training Area NT, 2017

In May 2017, a Bush Blitz was conducted at Bradshaw Field Training Area in the Northern Territory. Scientists recorded 902 species, 377 of which had not previously been recorded in the park and 15 may be new to science. Six threatened animal species and 27 plant species of conservation significance were recorded. In addition, 8 […]

Name a new species

Name a new species! This species of jumping spider was found by researchers on a Bush Blitz species discovery expedition in QLD last year and is totally new to science. The Department of the Environment and Energy is giving Australians the opportunity to be part of scientific history by giving it a name! Jumping spiders […]

Tasmania’s Wild South West

In early February a team of 17 scientists embarked on a Bush Blitz expedition into the remote and magnificent Southwest National Park which forms part of the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area.  This is Tasmania’s largest national park and is made up of wild rivers, jagged mountain ranges, rolling buttongrass and cushion plant plains, patches […]