National reporting

All data collected as part of Bush Blitz will be collated each year into an annual report on the state of knowledge of approximately 20,000 species in the reserve system across Australia. The first-ever report on the biodiversity conserved within Australia’s reserve system was prepared to provide a baseline for the Bush Blitz program. BHP […]

Pop-up library

What bird is that? What flower is that? What mossy thing is that? These are just some of the books you’ll find at the pop-up library to help you discover more about Australia’s amazing fauna and flora. Did you know that the Australian National Botanic Gardens has a library? The Library provides services to staff […]

Diversity of insects in the ACT

Olivia Evangelista (Australian National Insect Collection) is one of the entomologists on the ACT Bush Blitz and will be in the field lab from 10am to 2pm. Come and learn about the fascinating diversity of insects in the ACT region. We will have displays illustrating the local fauna, including beetles, wasps, bees, and many other interesting […]

Close-up plant/animal photography

David Paul is the photographer on the ACT Bush Blitz. Marvel at David’s images and get tips on nature photography! David will demonstrate the effect of lighting changes on photographic results and the benefit of fast shooting in a semi-controlled environment. Chat to David in the lab or join him in the Gardens for a […]