Close-up plant/animal photography

David Paul is the photographer on the ACT Bush Blitz. Marvel at David’s images and get tips on nature photography! David will demonstrate the effect of lighting changes on photographic results and the benefit of fast shooting in a semi-controlled environment. Chat to David in the lab or join him in the Gardens for a […]


Robert Raven (Queensland Museum) is the spider expert on the ACT Bush Blitz. Robert has been on several Bush Blitz expeditions and has described more funnelweb, trapdoor and tarantula species than any person living or dead! Meet some live spiders and find out the answers to some spider-related questions including: How do you know which […]

Fish and crayfish

Matt Beitzel (Aquatic Ecologist, ACT Government) and Michael Hammer (Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory) are the fish experts on the ACT Bush Blitz. Matt and Michael will be in the field lab from 11am to 1pm. Visit them to: see live fish and crayfish, and learn about the features used to identify […]

ACT Parks and Conservation Service

Find out where in the ACT you can go to ‘explore’ our natural environment. Talk to rangers about the work of ACT Parks and Conservation Service, and the ParkCare volunteers about how you can get involved in caring for our environment. As the biggest land manager in the ACT, Bush Blitz is working closely with […]


Learn how to identify local birds with Canberra Ornithologists Group. Come and chat to a birdwatcher who will answer your bird queries, show you how to use binoculars and help you to identify some local birds. Join a walk through the Gardens to find and identify birds. Walks will run at 10:15am and 11:15am. Places […]