Brooklyn, Cloudland and Melsonby (Gaarraay) Nature Refuges, Eubenngee Swamp, Hann Tableland and Melsonby (Gaarraay) National Parks, and Upper Bridge Creek Qld, 2010

A Bush Blitz survey was conducted in the Cape York Peninsula, Einasleigh Uplands and Wet Tropics bioregions of Queensland during April, May and July 2010. A total of 1,186 species were added to those known across the reserves. Thirty‐six putative species new to science were discovered — these await assessment. Sixteen threatened animal species were observed, of which 14 are new records for the reserves, and 18 threatened plants were recorded, 14 of which are new records for the reserves. Two exotic or pest fauna species and 73 weed species were also recorded.

Wet Tropics Queensland 2010 image gallery