BHP Billiton employees get down and dirty with Bush Blitz

BHP Billiton employees Aimee Bennett, Candice Burvill, Ingrid Flemons, John Forsyth, Mary Thatcher, Matthew Kavanagh, Peter Olds and Josh Gatt have spent the last week working alongside scientists in the Lake Torrens and Roxby Downs regions of South Australia. They have helped catch bees and wasps with butterfly nets, collected plants, dug up spiders, wrestled ferocious geckos and even shared their new-found knowledge with the kids of Roxby Downs. Their constant enthusiasm, good humor and thirst for knowledge have made them invaluable members of the Lake Torrens Bush Blitz team.

Candace, Ingrid and Matt helped Ben set up a malaise trap—click here to see the first video blog of them in action and here to see how Ben Parslow teaches them how to set-up a malaise trap!

Matt and Ingrid showing kids how to make bee hotels
Matt helping some budding entomologists with their equipment
Pete tiptoeing through the Sturt's Desert Peas (Swainsona formosa)
Dinner, a time to catch up
John and Pete driving Miss Daisy (or was it Miss Mary)
John digging a pitfall trapline
Dasyurid - too cute
Team BHP - always lagging behind
Base camp - home away from home
Matt and Ingrid showing kids how to make bee hotels