Bush Blitz Partners

Australian Government

Department of the Environment

Department of the Environment

The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) is a program within Parks Australia Division of the Department of the Environment. It is the Australian Government's focal point for species discovery. ABRS provides national support and leadership for the naming and classification of species to enable world-class science-based decision making. It aims to provide, through partnerships, the underlying taxonomic knowledge necessary for the conservation and sustainable use of Australia's biodiversity.

ABRS provides overall project management of Bush Blitz.


BHP Billiton


BHP Billiton, an Australian icon and leading global natural resources company, is proud to be Bush Blitz's major corporate sponsor. The Bush Blitz partnership represents a new and significant investment in biodiversity conservation for the company. BHP Billiton employees will have the opportunity to participate in the hands-on experience of Bush Blitz field work.


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Earthwatch Institute Australia

Earthwatch Institute Australia

Established in 1971, Earthwatch is a leading international not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting the understanding and action for a sustainable environment. Earthwatch involves people from all walks of life in science-based, on-the-ground research projects and experiential education to build a global network of people who are informed and inspired to take action.

Earthwatch is managing the Bush Blitz volunteer program.


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Bush Blitz Associate Organisations

Australian Collection Councils

Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH) and Council of Heads of Australian Fauna Collections (CHAFC)

Australian Collection Councils - Council of Heads of 
			Australasian Herbaria (CHAH) and Council of Heads of Australian Faunal Collections (CHAFC)

The collections councils of Australia represent the major faunal and flora collection institutions of each state and territory, as well as CSIRO collections. The councils aim to promote all matters of interest to faunal and flora collections in Australia and to increase cooperation and understanding between institutions.

The collections have a key role in Bush Blitz through:

  • contributing to the selection of animal and plant groups for study
  • carrying out field work
  • undertaking taxonomy
  • databasing and curating collected specimens

The collections are supplying scientific staff for surveys, as well as contributing over five million records of supporting data for analysis.

Atlas of Living Australia

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)

Atlas of Living Australia - National Collaborative 
			Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)

The Atlas of Living Australia is a project funded under the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). Its mission is to develop an online, freely accessible biodiversity data management system to link Australia’s distributed network of biological knowledge custodians.

Bush Blitz is a priority project for the ALA, which will develop supporting tools and infrastructure for Bush Blitz.


Ausplots - Rangelands

University of Adelaide

Ausplots - Rangelands

Ausplots - Rangelands is establishing a national network of approximately 1,500 scientific reference sites across the Australian rangelands and transitional areas to create long-term systematic monitoring in these areas.

The sites will be surveyed for vascular flora and have a focus on vegetation condition and monitoring as well as species discovery.

The project forms a key component of Bush Blitz. The flora survey undertaken as part of Bush Blitz will combine Scientific Reference Site plot-based survey methodology with a species discovery methodology endorsed by Australian herbaria.