Dr Simone Louwhoff is the lichen expert on the ACT Bush Blitz. Get up close and personal with lichens – view a miniature world under the microscope. Drop into the field lab any time between 1pm and 3pm to meet Simone. Look at the features that make up lichens, find out how they stay alive and […]

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Canberra Nature Map

Photograph any plant, animal or mushroom at the Gardens, at home or any other place of interest. Bring your camera or smartphone and be shown how to load images into Canberra Nature Map and have the wildlife in your image identified by one of over 80 online expert moderators. The Canberra Nature Map project is […]

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Reptile team

Christiana, Damien, Jessica and Ian from the Australian National University are part of the ACT Bush Blitz reptile team. More than 60 species of reptiles call the ACT home. From long necked turtles and water dragons that live along our waterways, to blue-tongue skinks in our backyards, come learn about the ACT’s native reptiles. Guess […]

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