The 2017-18 Bush Blitz Tactical Taxonomy Grants are now CLOSED.

A key component of Bush Blitz is taxonomy and further research that supports the applied application of taxonomy, based on material collected during Bush Blitz surveys or the development of products that help achieve the Bush Blitz objectives.

The Bush Blitz Tactical Taxonomy grants are specifically targeted to assist in the publication of new species and the resolution of problematic groups collected from Bush Blitz surveys.

Please note until further notice that no future Applied Taxonomy Grants will be offered.


2017-18 Round

Successful 2017-18 Bush Blitz grant recipients

2016-17 Round

Successful 2016-17 Bush Blitz Grant Recipients

2015 – 2016 Round

Successful 2015-16 Bush Blitz Grant Recipients

2014 – 2015 Round

Successful 2014-15 Bush Blitz Grant Recipients


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For further information regarding the Bush Blitz Tactical Taxonomy Grants, please contact:

Bush Blitz Grants Officer