Bush Blitz Capacity-Building Grants


The Bush Blitz Strategic Taxonomy Grants Scheme is no longer accepting applications for Research Grants, Capacity-Building Grants or Tactical Taxonomy Contracts.

The Bush Blitz Capacity-Building Grants, were PhD. Research Supplements of $10,000, available to PhD students to provide additional research support for a project requiring taxonomy or systematics that was linked to Bush Blitz. PhD Research Supplement recipients were given the opportunity to participate in one Bush Blitz survey, with all logistical support provided.

All the Capacity-Building Grants were of one year's duration.

Application Form and Guidelines:

No applications are being accepted at this time.

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The Bush Blitz grant funding agreement sets out the reporting requirements and timeframes associated with the project for which funding was provided.

All funding recipients must report on the progress of their project to the ABRS in accordance with the funding agreement's requirements. Failure to meet these requirements may result in cancellation of the grant and return of unspent funds.

Progress Report Template:

Final Report Template:

Financial Acquittal Template:

For further information regarding the Bush Blitz Capacity-Building Grants Scheme, please contact:

ABRS Grants Officer
Email: abrs.grants@environment.gov.au

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